House vs. Condo – Which one to buy?

Are you ready to buy a property? Well, the decision whether to buy a house or a condo is a tough one. You should select one which suits your lifestyle as both houses and condos have their own unique benefits. Before buying a house or a condo, consider these 5 factors so that you can decide based on your needs and requirements.

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  • Space: Space is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a house or a condo. If you either will live alone or with your partner and no additional people, an Eglinton Notting Hill Condos is the best for you. However, if you have a large family or are planning to have one, the best suited option for you is a house. With that, all your children can have their own rooms, your parents a comfortable living space and a backyard for your whole family!
  • Privacy: If you wish to have complete control on your privacy, buy a house without a second thought! However, if you are a quite person or have a partner who enjoys peace and calm as much as you do, an Eglinton Notting Hill Condos is the perfect choice for you. Since there are rules to follow while living in a condo, people who share your wall, ceiling and floor space will be respectful of your privacy.
  • Household Repairs: Well, if you are the absolute DIY person or have some experience in trading, buying a house is your go-to choice. However, just like a lot of people, if you don’t know the ABC’s of maintenance and repairs, a condo will be your best friend. Here, in Eglinton Notting Hill Condos, you will not have to worry about removing snow or cutting your lawn.

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  • Control: Whilst living in a house, you can do whatever as long as you are abiding by the laws. You take all the decisions of what is or isn’t there in your house, its heating and cooling systems, the window types etc. However, while in a condo, you have to abide by the rules in the condo agreement. You may/ may not be able to have a pet you like while living in a condo. The condo corporation’s rules must be followed.
  • Amenities: Having a pool, a hot tub, a gym and a party room sounds amazing! However, if you want all these amenities and much more in your house, the prices of installing and maintaining them will be huge. However, in a Eglinton Notting Hill Condos, you can have all these and much more without having to invest a lot of your money while simultaneously enjoying them. It is very convenient too!

While you are deciding whether to buy a house or a condo, just keep your life-style needs and your budget in mind. Both of these are very good investments.  Even when you think of selling your property, both will give you a very good ROI. Just choose according to your needs and live a comfortable and happy life!