Winter Garage Door Issues in Nepean

During the winter season, the usual winter issues bother you a lot; especially the garage doors and openers get damaged easily during the winter season.  Here you can find some of the best tips on how to avoid winter issues and what to look for when the issues arise. Alternatively you can get in touch with a Garage door repair Nepean Company to get it fixed right away!garage door repair nepean

Contracting metal/cold weather issues:

Symptoms: During the cold winter season, your garage door opener will get stuck while going up and down.

Solution:  When the weather changes from hot to cold temperatures, and in cold places like east coast, you can see that the metal contracting goes harder and causes issues to move the garage opener door up and down. Most of the times, this issue can be solved by putting force on the garage door opener. To adjust the force limit, look in your owner’s manual for the specific opener, or call the professional service to lubing and tuning up the door and they can make any required adjustments. Garage door repair Nepean Company suggests try spraying garage door lube on the hinges, rollers, and bearings of the garage door, the spray works amazingly well.

Garage door freezing to the floor:

Symptoms: Your garage door will get stuck and will not open when you are trying to open it with opener.

Solution:  The garage doors get stuck during the winter season because of winter snow and ice buildup under the garage door, which freezes the door.  Also, sometimes due to the ice and snow, the garage door will not close all the way down.  You must always clear the snow or ice near your garage door and keep the floor clean.  You can also try spraying a small amount of cooking spray on the bottom of the door where it contains the rubber seal. This can help to keep the garage door from freezing and no ice can build up on the floor.

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Broken gears or travelers on garage door openers:

Symptoms: Your garage door opener sounds differently during the winter season. It sounds like it is going up but, the door, in fact, doesn’t move at all.

Solution:  Generally, this issue occurs when the garage door freezes, or sometimes it may be due to the old opener. When the garage door freezes down the floor, the opener tries to open the door, but most of the times it is because the gears inside the opener might be in poor condition. The life of the inside gears of a garage door depends on the brand of the opener.  You can also call an Garage door repair Nepean company to solve this problem.

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Excess grease and thickening of grease:

Symptoms:  If your garage door is not opening up and down, then it is the symptoms of contracting metal.

Solution: If you see that your garage door contains grease in the tracks, then the cold weather can thicken the grease and make the door hard to open as it cannot travel smoothly in the tracks.  It is not advisable to put grease during the winter season, because of this same reason.  Sometimes, you may need to restore the vertical rollers and tracks if the problem is bigger.

Enjoy your winter season, and follow these simple tips to make your holiday season less tiresome and more convenient. To find more info Garage door repair Click Here!